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Junior High 1 – Day 5

We can hardly believe it is already the last full day of Camp!!  What a fun week we have had!

The night game yesterday was a lot of fun for campers!  They traveled in groups, going around Camp and trying to collect glow-sticks from stations.  However, they could be hindered from their mission if a flashlight shone on them while they were approaching.

After obtaining the prize, campers found they were not safe yet.  They still had to navigate the perils of Camp at night and also dodge the Light Boogers who could tag campers in an attempt to have them surrender their light before making it to safety.  Despite the odds, campers collected in an entire bucketful of glow-sticks throughout the evening, earning Cabin Points!


Ask your camper about the night game!  What was their strategy?  Did it always work?  What did they change during the evening?

Thursday morning was sleep in day which was appreciated by campers and staff alike.  Rather than a 7:40 wake up bell, campers got to rest until 8:45! 

Several campers jumped in the lake for the last Polar Plunge of the week before heading to The Steps of Faith.  We finished learning our memory verse, Titus 2:11-13, so we added John 3:16 this morning.  Many campers were already familiar with it.

After verses, campers were welcomed to a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls, potatoes, fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, and oatmeal!

During free time, campers took advantage of the opportunity to create chalk art and have one-on-one time with counselors.

Morning Chapel time provided a unique opportunity as campers were able to ask questions of a panel of staff, gaining wisdom about Godly living and relevant issues they are considering.


What was your camper curious about?  What did they learn?  What questions do they still have?

After morning Chapel, campers headed to the Amphitheater for Amphitheatrics before lunch.  This usually includes counselors doing something that requires a shower!

Today, counselors played Musical Shaving Cream.  Counselors passed the plate back and forth until the music stopped and the one holding it could “pie” a neighbor.  The campers enjoyed cheering for their counselors!!

During free time, campers have the opportunity to participate in a four o’clock option.  There have been a variety of activities from Ultimate to Mighty Mighty but one of the favorites made a second appearance today, No Net Newcomb.  A tarp hides the other team from their opponent while the team tries to catch the volleyball.  If it hits the ground, the player closest is out for the rest of the round.  Once everyone on a team is out, the other team is declared the winner.  Campers had fun strategizing the best plan for success!

We have our last Chapel session with Katie Zintek now before everyone heads to Bass Point for the Campfire.  Check back tomorrow to hear about our adventure and learn about a favorite Campfire tradition!!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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