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Junior High 1 – Day 4

What a fun evening last night!  Campers had some of The Funnest Fun competing for the Volleyball Championship title! 

After a well played bracket, France won the boys’ competition with New Zealand taking the girls’ title and the Championship Game.

To show their team spirit, lots of Cabins dressed in team colors and wore face paint to match.  MC Ashley kept the games fun as she announced winners and was the DJ for the evening!


Ask your camper how they showed their team spirit for the tournament!  How did they cheer their teammates and friends on?

After the Volleyball Tournament, everyone headed to the Tent for evening Chapel.  Katie talked about  God as our savior and what that means to us.  A Savior is simply “one who saves.”  This raises the question, what are we being saved from?  Katie showed us how just like a bit of doggy doo in cookies makes the cookies bad, just a little bit of sin in our lives makes us imperfect and in need of a savior.

After lunch, campers could attend another Seminar or Clinic.  Today’s options included the Old Testament in 60 minutes, mental health, Joy!, Improv and Biblical art.

With the high about 90 today, the Water Front was a popular option during free time!  Water toys were kept busy this afternoon as swimmers played on the water mats and the Rockit.  The Raft never dried off as Junior Highers jumped, flipped and cartwheeled into the lake!


Ask your camper what their favorite free time activity has been!  Zipline? Swimming? Laser tag? Crafts?

After free time, Cabins got an opportunity to take their Cabin Photo before a delicious Chinese dinner (sweet and sour chicken, white rice, egg rolls, stir fried vegetables, salad and raspberry sherbet along with a fortune cookie)!

There are rumors of an active night game later this evening, we’ll share more on that tomorrow! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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