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Junior High 1 – Day 3

We’ve been blessed with a beautiful day, full of sunshine for our second full day of camp!

Last night at Chapel, Katie revealed the people group we were going to be talking about.  Many campers guessed it, the Israelites!

Over and over, God rescues the Israelites; the Ten Plagues, deliverance from Egypt, crossing the Red Sea, through the wilderness and into the Promised Land.  There is a command that The Lord gives with each rescue.  They are to remember!  God charges the Israelites to tell of His salvation to each generation and recount his wondrous works.

In the same way, we are to remember what God has done and how he has worked in our lives by surrounding ourselves with other believes and encouraging one another.


The Israelites lived several thousand years ago, what about today?  How are we suppose to live?  Katie gave us practical ways to take action now.

  1. Listen to the rescuer
  2. Remember what He says, His saving power and His faithfulness
  3. Do not forget in the dark what God has done in the light.

Campers had another opportunity for the Polar Dip this morning before heading to flag raising and a delicious breakfast (scrambled eggs, triangle tator tots, grilled ham, fresh fruit and oatmeal)!

For Cabin Time this morning, cabins did all kinds of activities from Spicy Uno to WiffleBall.

After lunch and mail call, campers could pick between another group of Seminars and Clinics.  Some of the topics included What is Truth, Discipleship, Just Dance, Spiritual Gifts, Biblical Womanhood (girls only), and Football.


With so many great options, find out what clinic or seminar your camper attended?  What did they learn?

Free time found campers playing on the Volley Ball court and visiting the Store and Canteen.  The chocolate Dilly Bar was a favorite today!

This evening we have the Volleyball Tournament!!  A favorite of everyone’s, there is sure to be lots of laughter, high fives and cabin spirit!

Come back tomorrow for photos and an update!  Until then, signing off from a beautiful evening at Camp Lebanon.


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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