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Junior High 2 – Day 4

The Volleyball Tournament yesterday was a success!!  Campers has lots of fun as they competed for the Championship.  Everyone had an opportunity to play two games before advancing or cheering on their friends in the final rounds.  Cabins cultivated team spirit as they rallied together, encouraging players that were new to the game while strategizing as a team to best utilize the skills that were present.

On the boys’ side, Brazil fought well until they reached the top of the bracket.  New Zealand took the title for the girls’ side before winning the final match against Brazil and winning the championship title.  There was good sportsmanship on both sides!  In between matches, campers could visit the Canteen for evening snacks or keep up the friendly competition in the Octoball court or jump in a game of Four Square.

At Chapel yesterday, campers gathered as we heard more about how God is the Mighty Savior!  We saw how Salvation happens by the POWER of God through his GRACE for all who BELIEVE.

It is only by His grace that we can be saved and He is ready and willing to extend grace to us.  We looked at the parable of the Samaritan Woman at the well.  She was an outcast, from the Jews and even her own people.  Jesus is in the business of restoration though.  He did avoid her, instead he invited her to drink from the stream of living water.  When she heard Jesus’ offer, the woman left what she was doing and ran to share this good news to others.

No one is too far for God to reach, he sees you and wants to restore a relationship with you.


Last night, campers played Gorilla gets the Man in the tent.  It is similar to rock paper scissors, just with different actions.  Your camper can teach it to you and you can try playing it as a family!

Campers followed a similar schedule today as they visited the lake for Polar Dip before Flag Raising.  After breakfast, campers headed back to their cabins for Cabin Clean Up and TAG time.  “TAG” stands for Time Alone with God as campers spend time digging into the Bible and talking with God.  Campers attended morning Chapel before morning Free Time and Cabin Time.

After lunch and a mail call skit, campers broke out to attend clinics and seminars.

Today, campers could attend one of the following: Old Testament in 60 minutes, Joy, Worship, Spiritual gifts, What is Truth, Just dance, or Art and the Bible.  These clinics were also offered on Monday so campers had an opportunity to try another one!


Campers have had the opportunity to attend four Clinics or Seminars this week.  Ask your camper which ones they went to and what they learned!

After Free Time everyone gathered at The Steps of Faith for Amphitheatrics as campers played Musical Chairs – Blindfolded!  Don’t worry, no one was injured but there was lots of laughter and encouragement as everyone tried to offer advice at once!

For dinner, campers enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal with orange chicken, and white rice, salad, steamed vegetables, egg rolls, a fortune cookie and raspberry sherbet for dessert.  Yum!!

Campers headed to Chapel after dinner where Jon had another message prepared packed with Gospel Truth.  After Chapel and some Free Time, campers will be able to run off late night energy in an exciting night game!  More to come on that tomorrow!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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