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Junior High 2 – Day 3

At last night’s Chapel, Jon Monsour took us through the Bible at break-neck speed.  We saw in the first chapter of Genesis how He is God of the past, we stopped in the Gospel of John and saw how He is God of the present and visited Revelation to see He is also God of the future.


Last night, Jon invited campers to make a decision to follow Christ.  We saw how the brokenness in the world is a result of sin.  Campers saw how we need a Mighty Savior and how Jesus stepped in to take our place if we only believe.

Ask your camper if they made a commitment for Christ!  If they have in the past, what are they doing now to grow in their relationship with God?

After a quick Polar Dip this morning, campers gathered at The Steps of Faith as Denmark Cabin raised the Flag.  Memory verses were followed with a delicious breakfast, scrambled eggs, ham, blueberry muffins, triangle tator tots, fresh fruit and the always delicious, always heart healthy, Camp Lebanon Oooooatmeeeeal!!

At Men’s Chapel this morning, John Finke talked about the Truth of the Bible.  There are three big reasons we can bank on the Bible. 

  1. We can trust the Bible because of the Authority it holds.  It is God’s word, inspired by the King of the Universe. 
  2. The Bible is Reliable.  There are 5,800 Greek manuscripts that talk about Jesus and confirm the message of the Bible in addition to 19,000 manuscripts from other origins.
  3. The Word of God is Relevant.  It was true at the time it was written and still holds true today.

For the rest of the week, men’s chapel is going to look at what the Bible says about Truth and how it answers Big questions today as campers have an opportunity to ask their mentors questions at a panel.

After lunch and another rotation of Clinics and Seminars, campers spread out across Camp to try different free-time activities.  Cabins could sign up to ride the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline or play Laser Tag along wooded trails!  Cheers and cries of “Man down!” could be heard before everyone emerged from the woods with smiles, recounting noteworthy plays of the round.


Campers can participate in a four o’clock option each day during free-time.  Today, campers met on the sand volleyball court to play Blind Newcomb.  The rules are simple; they are the same as Newcomb but there is a tarp over the net so the teams cannot see the other side.  Did your camper try the four o’clock option?  What was their favorite from the week?

After dinner this evening, campers will gather around the Hub and Lower Field for the Annual Volleyball Tournament!  Who will be the champion this week?!  Come back tomorrow to find out!  Until then, enjoy this beautiful evening in God’s creation!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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