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Adventurers, First Night

What an exciting day! We are thrilled to welcome the Adventurers for a fun-filled week at camp. As they arrived this morning, they met their counselor and settled into their cabin and learned about all the fun we get to have this week. Some of them went to take their swim test, while others got treats at the canteen. 

After check-in, it was time for “Who’s Who,” and then lunch! “Who’s Who” is when the campers get to meet the staff and hear the job they will be doing this week. For lunch, campers had a picnic with their cabin and got to play some fun get to know you games.

Then it was time for rules chapel. During rules chapel we learned the Top 10 Rules and Guidelines for the Funnest Fun! Campers learned how the buddy system works, how to fish here at Camp and the basic rules of Camp Lebanon. The last rule is the most important… Have Fun!!!

Next, it was time for skills. This is a time where campers get to pick a skill, such as archery, art, fort making or fishing, and learn more about it with a group!

Right after skills was free time! This is always a highlight for campers. They had the options to do crafts, swim, go to the camp store, play games or just hangout with friends.

Next was the event that some say is the funnest fun at Camp. The carnival! Campers got to play carnival game to win tickets. (There were even some treats too!) 

There were different booths where they could spend their tickets. The most popular booth is always “Wheely Unfortunate.” Once they earned enough tickets, campers can spin the wheel  and something unfortunate will happen to their counselor. Some of the unfortunate things were counselors getting dunked in the dunk tank, or getting them soaking wet with sponges. The campers thought it was amazing!

We ended the night with chapel. We met our speaker for the week, Bobber Bill, and sang lots of fun action songs! 


Talk to your camper about the first day of Camp.  What was their favorite activity? What was something they learned during chapel? Can they tell you a story from the first night?

What a fantastic first day of Adventurers! We are so excited for the memories and lessons campers will learn this week. Make sure you check out the photo gallery to keep up with all the fun that they are having!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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