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Tayah Lackie

Super Kids 3, Day 1

Super Kids 3 has officially begun and we could not be more excited!! Campers rolled up yesterday with their luggage and huge grins across their faces. Once they were greeted by Camp staff, they were directed to their cabin to meet their counselor and cabin mates. After setting up their stuff, they had to option to take

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Super Kids 4, Day 3

How is it already the last full day of Camp? These Super Kids are bringing the energy to every activity we do, and we are having so much fun!! Yesterday afternoon ended with a fun game called Animal’s Got Talent. Cabins got creative and dressed up their counselors with crazy items from their cabin. Then,

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Super Kids 4, Day 2

Welcome back! Yesterday was full of the funnest fun possible at camp, and today is going to be even better! Let’s pick up where we left off After morning chapel, it was time for skillz! Campers got to choose anything from fort building to fishing. They practiced skillz for a little while, and then it

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Super Kids 4, Day 1

And just like that, our last week of summer youth camps has begun! With brilliant smiles and excited steps, campers arrived ready for fun. The first stop was to find your cabin! Campers hauled their luggage to their cabin and met their counselors. Once they were all settled in, they could go take their swim

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Junior High 2, Day 3

It’s been another great day of Camp! The energy that these campers bring is terrific. We have had such a great time learning about our Risen Lord and just having fun! Here’s a recap starting at yesterday afternoon: Free time consisted of lots of swimming, snacks and smiles! The day started warming up just in

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Junior High 1, Day 4

The last few days of camp are upon us, and these Junior Highers are ready to make the most of it! Yesterday afternoon, we had clinics and seminars. Each staff member teaches a mini class on different subjects such as environmental stewardship, mental health, the new testament, improv, and even canoeing! The campers had a

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Junior High 1, Day 3

Welcome back to our summer blog! We had a fantastic day yesterday. After the really hot day Monday, yesterday’s temperature of 80° seemed glorious. During free time, campers were able to play laser tag, swim, do tie-dye, and hangout with new and old friends!  Our next big event of the night was the volley ball

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