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Junior High 2, Day 1

The Junior Highers have arrived, and we can already tell it’s going to be a great week!

Yesterday’s check-in started off with finding your cabin, and then walking to the waterfront to take swim tests. Once they passed, they were given a yellow wrist band so they can go swimming in the deep end during free time today. There are a bunch of campers excited to do tricks off the diving raft, and I’m just as excited to snap some pictures of them!

Once everyone had arrived and checked-in, it was time to introduce all the staff members! We all gathered at the Steps of Faith for introductions and lowering the flag. Some of the non-counseling staff demonstrated how to lower the flag so cabins could see how it was done and then volunteer to do it the next few days.

Next was dinner! Cabins got together and went to the dining hall for the first time to get their food. After grabbing our delicious picnic meal, counselors brought their cabin to a location around Camp for a cabin bonding time. 

After dinner we had rules chapel. This is when we got to learn Camp’s Top Ten Rules and Guidelines for the Funnest Fun! Shane, our Director of Ministry, and Izzy, our emcee, walked us through the rules and the dismissed us for cabin time so campers could get a tour of Camp. 

A short time later, we came back under the big tent to have chapel. We sang some fun songs action songs like Every Move I Make, and the Hippopotamus Song! Then we met our speaker for the week, Drew Zeuhlke. He talked to us about the two questions he wants us to be able to answer. First, do you know Jesus? Second, are you changed from knowing Jesus? He told us about four of Jesus’s friends we will be learning about this week, and how being around Jesus changed them. He encouraged us to think about how we have been changed knowing Jesus and how we can continue to grow in that to lead more people to Christ.

I want people to see you after Camp and say "These people have been with Jesus."

We ended the night with a fun game of capture the flag. We split Camp into two teams and played all around main site. There were lots of laughs as bezerkers came and splashed campers with cups of water. It was a great way to cool down during a sticky and warm night.

This morning started off with the polar dip! Campers could head down to the waterfront and jump in the lake right after they woke up. Polar dip is one of the fun ways to earn cabin points for your cabin!

Next, we headed to the Steps of Faith to raise the flag and learn our memory verse for the week. (John 11:25-26!) After that we walked down to the dining hall for breakfast. Today’s breakfast was pancakes, fresh fruit, sausage and the always delicious, always heart healthy, Camp Lebanon, oatmeal!! 


Talk to your camper about the first morning chapel. What stuck out to them when the Missionary spoke? Was there a story that stayed with them through the week?

Then it was time for morning chapel. Today, we had a guest speaker. She is currently a missionary in Minneapolis, but her and her family have also served in Ecuador and Haiti. As she shared her story with us she reminded us that if we are ever called in to the mission field, God must work first on our own hearts, showing us his sovereignty and sufficiency so we learn to completely depend on him.

As we look forward to the rest of our day, we have cabin time, and morning free time up next!

To keep up to date with all the fun we are having, check in on the blog every afternoon and browse through the photo gallery as pictures get uploaded throughout the day. 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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