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Adventurers, Final Night

The afternoon was full of lots of laughs and giggles! 

After our delicious lunch of corndogs, mac and cheese, veggies and fruit, it was toes up time. This is when campers get a moment to rest before something really fun! It’s a good thing, because right after toes up time was the Icky Sticky Relay! Campers try to protect their counselor from getting wet while trying to get other counselors wet at the same time. They had a blast!

Free time was next on the docket. Campers had lots of fun around the hub, playing gagaball, carpetball, and eating treats from the canteen. There was also los of fun being had in the craft room and at the waterfront!

Christ is alive, and that changes everything!

After free time, we lowered the flag and headed to dinner. Campers made sure to grab their Bibles after that, because Chapel was our next activity. Everyone gathered in the main hall to sing action songs and listen to Bobber Bill’s last message of the week. 

Tonight we learned five truths about Jesus:

1. Jesus is God.

2. Jesus is Alive!

3. Jesus is my savior.

4. Jesus is my friend.

5. Jesus is the Risen Lord!

Bobber Bill taught us these truths, and helped explain each one. He reminded us that we have hope because Jesus is alive, we have purpose because he is our Savior, we don’t have to be afraid because Jesus is our friend, and we can be joyful because he is our Risen Lord!


Talk to your camper about the last day of Camp.  What was their favorite part?  What was one thing that stuck out to them about Bobber Bill’s messages?  Can they retell any of the stories he shared?  

Now, it’s time for the campfire! We will be gathering at the Steps of Faith any minute to hear the rules for walking to the campfire. Once we get there, we will be singing songs, playing Gorilla Get the Man, and we might even catch the infamous lion in our annual lion hunt. 

As we head to the campfire tonight, pray that Campers hearts will be drawn closer to Jesus, and that they will know him more closely than they ever have before. Thank you Jesus for working amazing things through these campers this week!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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