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Junior High 2, Day 4

How is it already the last full day of Junior High 2?! This group of campers has brought so much joy and life to Camp’s grounds and there has been so much learning and growth throughout the week. As staff here at Camp, it is always so sweet to see how each camper grows through the week and begins to apply the things that they are learning in Chapel. I have watched them rally around each other with encouragement and joy, grow in friendships, and emulate the love of God to each person here. We have been praying over these campers all summer, and I know that this week will be a turning point in many lives and will transform their relationship with the Lord. 

This morning started as usual with Polar Dip, Flag Raising and Morning Movements at the Amphitheater, but today was sleep in day! Campers were thrilled to have that extra hour of sleep. They are now more rested and energized for our last full day! Today’s Morning Movement was my favorite one. It is called “Lily of the Valley” The campers enjoyed learning the truthful words and silly noises so they could sing along with us.

After our time at the Amphitheater, everyone headed down to breakfast for some tasty eggs, fruit, cinnamon rolls, and oatmeal! Following breakfast, we had some time set aside for Cabin Clean Up! If you saw the Instagram story earlier today, you’ll see some took it more seriously than others…

Next was morning chapel! As usual, we had our split women’s and men’s chapel. This is a cool opportunity to connect more deeply with peers and to hear more individualized messages. Today in men’s chapel they had a panel where campers had the opportunity to ask our staff and speaker questions. They talked about forgiveness, honoring others, and questions about different Bible stories and passages. In women’s chapel they talked about hurt and healing. They used the story of Haggar to show that even in the Bible people delt with hurt. God is so gracious to give us his word that allows us to understand the world and his purposes for us even in our brokenness. 


Talk to your camper about split chapel. What was their favorite message? What was something new that they hadn’t learned before? Was there a specific Bible verse or passage that really stuck out to them?

After Chapel was morning free time! There were quite a few cabins that chose to use that time to brainstorm and take their creative cabin photo. We are having a competition this week to see which cabins photo is the most creative. We have some great contestants so far!

When all the campers had finished up morning Free Time, it was time for lunch. Every day after lunch, staff members perform a skit for the campers! Sometimes they make sense, and sometimes it’s just pure chaos, but it always means lots of laughter and fun for everyone.

Following the skits was Free Time! That is where everyone is right now! Writing this blog I am sitting watching campers having a blast on the waterfront! I can hear lots of laughter and shrieks of joy as they jump off the raft, bounce on the trampoline, and run through the obstacle course. Today, there is also Lazer Tag, Zip Line, Fishing, Crafts, and just hanging out around the Hub!

For the rest of the night, we are going to lower the flag, eat some dinner, play a running scavenger hunt game, and going to the Campfire at Bass Point! 

As we wrap up our week here at Camp, pray that the campers hearts will be touched and that will truly understand the immense and immeasurable love of our Lord. They have had a blast this week and they have learned so much. We are praying that those things will stick with them their whole lives and that they will never forget how precious they are in the eyes of our Savior.


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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