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Junior High 2, Top 10 Photos

We cannot believe that Junior High 2 has come to an end, but we are thankful for the week we had with these amazing campers! All the praise and glory be to God for this really GREAT week! 

Our Closing Rally day was so fun! We met in the Main Hall first for Mail Call, and to watch the recap slideshow and video! Our fantastic media team works tirelessly throughout the week to capture moments for campers, and to provide them with memories they can take with them even as they leave Camp. It was so fun to hear campers’ cheers and witness their smiles as they watched the recaps! Then we moved out to the Ampitheatre for action songs, our memory verse, the Love Offering, giving out prizes for Polar Dip and fishing, and PIES! 

It has been a blast this week, and looking back on photos and memories are so sweet! Here are the Top 10 Photos from Junior High 2!

First Day Smiles

It’s so exciting to finally get to Camp and start the week!

Polar Dip!

Smiles of nervousness, or excitement?! We had lots of campers do the Polar Dip each morning this week!


Sometimes Camp Ampitheatrics are shocking! But they’re always fun! 

Penny Pinchers!

During this game, cabins got to work together as salespeople to try and sell items with  a new purpose to staff members at different stations!

Waterfront Wrestling

This new waterfront toy has been a big hit with these Junior High campers! They got creative too – wrestling each other!

Face Paint Frenzy

Big smiles and peace signs could be found during the volleyball tournament!

Volleyball Tournament!

No one is too cool for the volleyball tournament, and these campers sure had a blast!

The Hill

This waterfront toy is SO MUCH FUN! Especially posing for the camera with friends – new and old!

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a camper favorite during Free Time, and these Junior Highers were no exception!

Screamin' Eagle Zipline

Campers LOVED the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline this week!!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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