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Abbie Mellgren

Junior High 3, Day 1

Junior High 3 has officially started!! Campers have settled in and jumped right into having The Funnest Fun here at Camp! We can already tell that this week is going to be FANTASTIC with these energetic, fun-loving Junior Highers! Once cars start making their way down the driveway, the fun starts here at Camp!  Campers

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Senior High, Day 1

Excitement filled the air, and where there once may have been nervousness for what was ahead, was suddenly replaced with eager anticipation as Camp began to greet Senior High campers and welcome them back to a “home away from home”.  For many, this week of the summer is a special one. For starters, this is

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Super Kids 2, Day 1

Super Kids 2 campers have made it to Camp, and it is going to be a fantastic week – we can already tell! With their joyous laughter, and fun-loving presence, these campers have brought so much life to Camp, and we’re only just beginning! After arriving at Camp yesterday afternoon, campers found themselves meeting their counselors

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Junior High 2, Day 1

Junior Highers have officially made it to Camp, and we can already tell that it’s going to be a fantastic week! Yesterday afternoon campers arrived at Camp, met their counselors, got settled into their cabins, took their swim tests, and could then be found hanging out in the Hub playing games! These campers have already

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