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Super Kids 2, Day 3

We are to our last full day of Super Kids 1! It is crazy how fast this week has flown by, but we have truly had The Funnest Fun with these Super Kids! Their high energy and endless laughter have brought such joy to Camp, and we are excited for the time we have left with these wonderful campers. While the week is coming to an end, we still have lots planned, and the fun doesn’t end here! 

Our Tuesday here at Camp began down at the waterfront for Polar Dip! There was a big line, and lots of eager campers waiting to jump in Cedar Lake first thing in the morning. Not even a little bit of a chilly lake could stop these campers from participating, and lots of them even convinced their counselors and cabin friends to do it with them! Around 8:15am the bell rang for Flag Raising, and the Philippines cabin volunteered to raise the flag for us. Then, it was time for breakfast, and Chapel! After a few actions songs, and some worship, we got to hear a Bible Story from our Youth Program Associate, Izzy, and special guest, Skeeter! We even got to have some campers get on stage and act out the story for us – how fun! 

Next, it was time for Skillz, and then Cabin Adventures. Campers got to choose from a variety of activities run by our non-counseling staff here at Camp, and then got to get back together with their cabins to do something fun together! Before we knew it, it was time for lunch line-up, so we all met at the Ampitheatre before heading down to the dining hall to eat lunch. After Toes Up Time, it was time for a game! Officially, it is called “Land and Sea-Lay,” but basically, it was just a bunch of relay games that we got to play on the lower field! With water splashing and campers laughing, joy was sure to be found here! Then, we got to transition into Free Time. Campers could be found up at the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, over at the gazebo for Laser Tag, swimming down at the waterfront, or just hanging out together in the Hub! 

Jesus took DEATH for you, so that we could no longer be separated from God.

Once the bell rang signifying the end of Free Time, we all met at the Steps of Faith for Flag Lowering and dinner. Then it was time for the Carnival! Carnival is something we only do during Super Kids weeks, so it is always a highlight for campers! During this time, campers get to go around different stations collecting tickets, and they can decide whether they want to keep them for cabin points, or spend them on fun things like putting a staff member in “time out” with a funny hat, or even dunking them! After Carnival, it was Canteen Time, and campers were all very excited! Then, we all made our way back into the Main Hall for Chapel with our speaker for the week, Maryn Post! Maryn reminded campers about the ultimate act of sacrifice and love – Jesus dying on the cross for YOU and for me. The three main takeaways are that we all sin, and that separates us from God, but He loved us so much that He sent Jesus to die in our place. And finally, that if we believe in Jesus, the Word, we will be saved! What good news!!


Talk with your camper about Chapel last night. Do they remember the three takeaways that Maryn talked about? Can they tell you what John 3:16 tells us?

After Chapel, it was time to do our 3 T’s and then head back to our cabins for devos and bedtime! Tomorrow will look pretty similar to today, but we will be playing a game called “Light Search,” and then have our Campfire Chapel Trek! We are excited for our last day with these fantastic Super Kids, and are praying that they have a fun time during their remaining moments at Camp this week! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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