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Super Kids 2, Top 10 Photos

What a joy it has been to serve these campers this week! Their energy, excitement, and enthusiasm is unmatched. From chapel sessions, to Free Time giggles, the Lord was evident in every moment.

Last night at the Camp Fire, Maren talked about how we can continue to follow Jesus when we go back home. She shared an illustration about how the Word of God protects us from the evil things of the world. She encouraged the campers to keep reading their Bible so they can grow in their knowledge of Jesus and be a light in the dark world around them.

With all the memories we captured this week it is really hard to choose our favorites, but we tried to anyways. Enjoy our top ten photos from Super Kids 2!

Swim Test Smiles

Lots of campers enjoyed swimming and the water toys this week – good thing they passed their swim test!

Penny Pinchers

When your cabin successfully “sells” your repurposed item to the staff members at the stations! SUCCESS!

Action Songs!

Action songs and hugs from cabin mates are the best!

Carnival Fun

Want an easy way to get tickets for Carnival? Just find Bobber Bill and do something fun!

Cabin Ampitheatrics

Our reactions when a whole cabin prepares and performs a whole song for us before lunch!

Laser Tag

We had lots of campers sign up to play Laser Tag this week! It was definitely a highlight of this Super Kids week!

Post-Dunk Smiles

Such joy is found by campers after they get to push a staff member in Cedar Lake! 

Screamin' Eagle Zipline

Campers had a BLAST on the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline this week! 

Dance Party

What better way to enjoy Carnival than with a dance party?!

Thumbs Up!

So much fun was had during the Relay Games on the lower field this week!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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