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Senior High, Day 1

Excitement filled the air, and where there once may have been nervousness for what was ahead, was suddenly replaced with eager anticipation as Camp began to greet Senior High campers and welcome them back to a “home away from home”. 

For many, this week of the summer is a special one. For starters, this is the only week of the summer that Camp hosts Senior Highers! In addition, there is always this sense of expectation and excitement for what lies ahead, and how God is going to show up, that only this age group brings to Camp during their week here. 

Campers have officially arrived, settled in, reconnected with old friends, and began creating memories at Camp that will last forever! 

As Senior Highers found their cabins, greeted their counselors and cabin mates, and made their way down to the waterfront to take their swim tests, their sense of excitement could be felt all around! After completing the normal check-in things, campers could be found enjoying each other’s company in the Hub, and playing games before it was time to meet at the Steps of Faith for “Who’s Who” and Flag Lowering! After all the staff introduced themselves to campers, a group of them demonstrated Flag Raising for everyone. For the rest of the week, cabins can sign-up and volunteer to raise or lower the Flag for us! Then, it was time for dinner. As we all made our way to the Dining Hall, we were welcomed in with decorations for our theme of the night – Family Dinner! 

Following dinner, we all met for the first time under the big tent! This is where our Chapels will be held all week.  First, we all joined together in song as we sang praise to our Savior in worship. Then, it was time to hear the Rules and Guidelines for The Funnest Fun! As Senior Highers are responsible young adults, these are mainly just a reminder, but they serve their purpose of keeping all of staff and campers alike safe and protected, so that we truly can have The Funnest Fun this week! We also got to meet our speaker for the week, Pete Mades (affectionately known as “Crazy Pete”)! He welcomed these lovely Senior Highers to Camp, and invited them to learn more about Jesus this week, and what it truly looks like to have a heart for God! 


Talk to your camper about the first night of Camp. What was something they were hoping to learn during their week?  What did they take away from “Missionary Monday” Chapel?

The first full day of Senior High week is underway, and we can already tell that it is going to be great! We started out with Polar Dip, and then Flag Raising. After breakfast, it was time for camper TAG Time, and then the bell rang for Morning Chapel – “Missionary Monday”! From Pakistan, our missionaries shared a good word about what it looks like to say “yes” to God’s call on your life, and serve Him! After Chapel, it was time for Team Intros, where we got to watch skits and learn the names of all our cabin teams! So fun!! 

As we continue throughout our way with these Senior Highers, please pray that God would reveal His sweetness to them as they run after Him, and that He would move in their hearts this week!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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