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Super Kids 2, Day 2

These Super Kids have officially been at Camp for their first full day! It has been a blast thus far, and we are so excited for the rest of this week with these fantastic campers! They have been nothing short of energetic, joyful, and lively as they participate in The Funnest Fun that Camp has to offer them. 

After Morning Chapel of our first full day at Camp, it was time for Skillz! Campers can choose from an array of activities led by our wonderful non-counseling staff here at Camp! These activities can be anywhere from fishing with the Fishing Grandparents, to chalk drawing in the Hub, to Just Dance in the Main Hall! How fun!! After Skillz, campers get back together with the rest of their cabin, and go on a Cabin Adventure with their counselors! Then, it is time for lunch line-up at the Ampitheatre. Our Master of Ceremonies, Brook, plans little games for our counselors to play at lunch-line up and it is always a good time! After eating lunch in the Dining Hall, we all met back at the Steps of Faith to watch a skit, and then it is time for Toes-Up-Time. After the brief break, it was time for a GAME! Called “Penny Pinchers,” this game was played with cabin friends! That means that our counselors were running the stations this time, and each cabin was trying to sell their repurposed item to them. What better way to get to know your cabin friend better than by playing a game with them?! 

After “Penny Pinchers,” it was finally time for Free Time! This is always a highlight of the day for a lot of campers, as they get to pick and choose what they would like to do with this time. They can head down to the waterfront and go swimming, play carpetball in the game room, go fishing down at the docks, play Octoball or 4-Square with some friends, or do planned activities they’ve signed up for, like Laser Tag and Zipline! No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong – it’s all super fun! Once the bell rang ending Free Time, it was time for Flag Lowering, so we all met at the Steps of Faith. Once the Flag is folded nicely, it’s time for dinner. After dinner, we met in the Main Hall for Chapel. Of course, it wouldn’t be Chapel without some action songs! After some worship, we welcomed our speaker, Maryn, to the stage! 


Ask your camper what their favorite part of Camp was during their first full day! What did they learn during Chapel? What was their favorite action song?

After Chapel, it was Evening Free Time, and the Canteen was open! Once every camper got their fill of treats from the Canteen, it was time for a Camper favorite during Super Kids weeks – The Staff Variety Show! Each and every skit in this show is planned, prepared, and performed by Camp’s very own summer staff. It is always super fun for campers to see their counselors and cabin friends do silly things on stage in fun costumes! 

After the Variety Show, it was time for bed, so campers went back to their cabins, got ready for bed, and did devos with their counselors before going to sleep. The fun doesn’t stop there though – it will continue tomorrow, so check out the blog to see what these campers have been up to!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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