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Super Kids 2, Day 1

Super Kids 2 campers have made it to Camp, and it is going to be a fantastic week – we can already tell! With their joyous laughter, and fun-loving presence, these campers have brought so much life to Camp, and we’re only just beginning! After arriving at Camp yesterday afternoon, campers found themselves meeting their counselors and cabin mates, heading down to the waterfront to take their swim tests, and playing games in the Hub such as carpetball, octoball, sand volleyball, or playing on the playground. It was so fun to see campers jumping into The Funnest Fun here at Camp right away!

Once all the campers had arrived, it was time for “Who’s Who” at the Steps of Faith. This is where our Master of Ceremonies, Brook, lets all the non-counseling staff introduce themselves to campers! Then it was time for Flag Lowering. Every morning and evening, we raise and lower the flag here at Camp. Last night, a group of staff showed all the campers how it is done, and for the rest of the week, cabins can volunteer to do the honors! For dinner, we had pizza, veggies, cookies, and water – picnic style! Cabins all got to find a place to sit outside in the Hub to eat with their counselors, cabin mates, and cabin friends. How fun!

After dinner and a quick tour around Camp led by their counselors, campers met for the first time in the Main Hall! This is where chapels will be held all week. After an action song and some worship, it was time for hear the Rules and Guidelines for The Funnest Fun. These are what keep all our campers and staff safe so that they can truly have the Funnest Fun during their week at Camp! Also during our first-night Chapel, we met our speaker for the week, Maryn Post! We are so excited for her to speak during evening Chapels this week, and encourage these Super Kids in their walk with Jesus! 

After Chapel, it was Canteen Time, where campers could get their fill of everything yummy and sweet before the bell rang for a game! Last night, the game was “Free the Hostage”! This game is basically “Capture the Flag,” but instead of a flag, the campers’ goal was to free a hostage! Campers had such a fun time, and before we knew it, it was time for devos and bed time! 


Talk to your camper about the first night of Camp.  What do they remember doing with their cabin that first night?  What was something they were hoping to learn during their week?   

The first full day of Camp started out beautifully down at the waterfront for Polar Dip! Then it was time for Flag Raising, and breakfast. Once everyone was done eating, it was time for our Camp picture, and then Chapel! We’ll pick up here tomorrow, so check out the blog again to see what these Super Kids’ first full day at Camp looked like!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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