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Summer 2023 Ministry Update – A FULL Five Weeks!

As the praise team led all of Camp in “Yet Not I,” I looked around the tent. A few rows ahead of me, two of our male counselors were lifting their hands to the Lord and singing to Him in worship. Around them, Junior High boys were following suit. More than one young camper copied those counselors, raising their hands to sing of the Lord’s sweet promises. For a minute, our Chapel was full of nothing but praise.

This summer has been so full! JOY full. INSIGHT full. WONDER full. TEAR full. WORSHIP full. FRUIT full. BEAUTY full. Inevitably, we are faced with different sets of challenges and mistakes each week. That’s the nature of this ministry as we care for up to 300 campers and staff. This week, one of my mistakes was misprinting 100 schedules (after they had been passed to summer staff!). And in my own shortcoming, I was met by a GRACE full summer staff, who understood and kept moving forward without hesitation.

We do our best to treat each week like it’s the first. And in one mistake with a schedule, there is a FAITH full God who multiplies it into one hundred children praising! Looking five weeks back, I laugh at those silly campers who will find a way to turn toilet paper into a wig (yes, this actually happened). Looking five weeks ahead, I am HOPE full for all the promises God will continue to fulfill.

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