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Super Kids 4, Day 3

We are to our last full day of Super Kids 4! It is so hard to believe it is not only our last full day with these Super Kids 4 campers, but also of the summer here at Camp. Time flies when you’re having fun, and this week has been no exception! 

Like the other mornings this week, our Tuesday started out down at the waterfront with campers taking the plunge into Cedar Lake for Polar Dip! After drying off, we all met at the Steps of Faith for Flag Raising, Morning Movement, practicing our Memory Verse, and then breakfast! Once we all finished eating, it was time for Morning Chapel, where we heard from Bobber Bill! He reminded campers that God is the only One who is AWESOME!

After Morning Chapel with Bobber Bill, it was Skillz time! These Super Kids have loved Skillz this week; from sand-castle building to Just Dance to Tag Games, it has been a blast! After Skillz, it was time for Cabin Adventure, so campers went back to their cabins to find their counselors and do something fun! Then, it was already time for lunch line-up, so we met at the Ampitheatre to hear our cabin clean-up scores, and play a little game before heading down to the Dining Hall to eat. Then we had Toes-Up Time, before going down to the lower field to play Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge! Although campers were a bit hesitant about this game at first, they still had tons of fun; running around all decked out in face paint! After finishing Mighty Mighty, we transitioned right into Free Time, so campers dispersed to spend their time doing what they like! Once the bell rang ending Free Time, it was time to Lower the Flag, and eat dinner. 

Jesus is the creator and controller of all things!

After eating dinner, it was time for CARNIVAL! This event is truly a camper favorite! Collecting tickets for cabin points? For sure! Playing little games at stations all around Camp? Yes, please! Dunking your counselor or another staff member in the Dunk Tank? Of course! There was lots of fun had at the Carnival! After Carnival, we had some Evening Canteen Time, and then Chapel. After some action songs, and “Gorilla Gets the Man,” we got to hear from our speaker this week, Tracey! She continued speaking on our Memory Verse this week, John 1:1, and reminded campers that Jesus created and controls everything. 


Talk with your camper about Chapel last night. Do they believe that Jesus is the creator and controller of all things? How are they putting their trust in the One who created them?

After Chapel, it was time to end this fun and joy-filled day! We have had such a blast with these Super Kids, and every minute with them here at Camp is special. 
Pray with us that as we prepare to send these kiddos home, that they would not forget the fun they have had, the memories they have made, and the ways the Lord has moved in each of their hearts. 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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