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Senior High, Top 5 Cabin Photos

As we close out a truly AMAZING Senior High week, we are looking back with grateful hearts – tired, but filled. 

Apologies for the delay on the blog post – from the busyness of the day, to multiple power outages, our media team has been working overtime to keep you all updated!

Senior High has truly been a blast, and Camp has been filled with such joy and light in the presence of these fantastic campers!

Highlights from the last two days of Senior High:

– Minion & Roaring 20s Formal Theme Dinner nights! 

– Baptism! Noah Desrosiers and Meghan Johnson chose to declare their love for Jesus in front of all of Senior High down at the waterfront on Wednesday! What a special moment to be a witness to. 

– The Competition Finale! These Senior Highers were super creative with their skits and mascots for Camp. It was so fun to see them laugh and have fun being goofy together!

– Campfire Chapel! While it was too hot to actually make the trek out to Bass Point, we still had a blast in the Main Hall with action songs, and praising the Lord in worship. 

Senior High Cabin Photo Contest

5th - India

4th - Russia

3rd - Israel

2nd - New Zealand

1st - Mexico

Honorable Mention - Romania


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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