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Super Kids 4, Day 1

Wow, I can hardly believe we have officially began our last week of Summer Youth Camp. It feels like just yesterday that we were on the first week of summer, and now we’re wrapping it all up. Although there is a hint of sadness that is felt here at Camp, it is nothing compared to the joy that these Super Kid campers bring to this place! Bring it on, Super Kids 4 !!

As campers and their families made their way up the driveway, they were greeted by smiling staff members waiting to direct them to their cabins, and welcome them to Camp! After settling in and meeting their counselors, campers could be found taking their swim tests, or hanging out together in the Hub playing games. Once all the campers had arrived, it was time for Who’s Who at the Steps of Faith. This is where all our non-counseling staff here at Camp introduce themselves to campers! Then it was time for Flag Lowering (every morning and evening, we raise and lower the flag – tonight, a group of staff showed the campers how it is done; for the rest of the week, cabins can volunteer to do it). Then, it was time to eat! Even though it was a little rainy outside, that didn’t stop these campers from enjoying their picnic meal with their cabins! After each cabin finished eating, they went on a Camp tour with their counselor. 

After dinner, and Camp tours, we all met in the Main Hall for the first time! This is where Chapels will be held all week. Tonight, it was Rules Chapel, where we welcomed Izzy, our Ministry Associate, to the stage to talk about the Rules and Guidelines for The Funnest Fun here at Camp! We then got to meet our speaker for the week, Tracey Peterson! Tracey introduced herself to campers, and invited them to join her in learning more about Jesus this week! Then, we had some Canteen Time. We LOVE the Canteen here at Camp, and these Super Kids were no exception! Once the bell rang ending Canteen Time, we all made our way back into the Main Hall for the VARIEY SHOW! This show consists of completely made up skits prepared and performed by our very own summer staff, and laughter is guaranteed at this event! 


Talk to your camper about the first night of Camp.  What do they remember doing with their cabin that first night?  What was something they were hoping to learn during their week?

 After our staff performed their last skit, and the laughter died down, it was time for 3 T’s. Before you Tuck in, brush your Teeth, and use the Toilet! Then, campers made their way back to their cabins for devos, and then lights out! 

Come back and check out the blog tomorrow to see what these Super Kids did on their first full day at Camp! In the meantime, check out the link below to see all the photos taken so far this week!



Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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