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Junior High 3, Top 10 Photos

As I reflect back on this week of Junior High 3 here at Camp, I am incredibly grateful for the moments captured, the memories made, the friendships formed, the true joy that was found, and the serious fun that was had. As Camp ends our second to last week of the entire summer, it can be especially easy to feel melancholy, but these Junior Highers were a great reminder that The Funnest Fun isn’t over yet! 

The last full day of Junior High 3 here at Camp looked pretty similar to the rest of the week, but here are a few highlights!

– Sleep-in Day! Although it pushes our schedule back an hour, it is so worth it! This morning is a beautiful reminder to slow down and rest for a bit before continuing to serve here at Camp! 

– Free Time! Whether campers were hanging out as a cabin, playing games in the Hub, participating in Laser Tag or Zipline, or making a splash down at the waterfront, there was fun all around Camp during this time.  

– Light Search; our last night game! Running out all their energy, AND playing at night?! These games are a Camp highlight!

– CAMPFIRE! Although we stayed in the Hub for Campfire, we still had tons of fun! There were action songs, “Gorilla Gets the Man,” a Lion Hunt, and we heard from our speaker, Grant! 

Wow. What a joy this week has been with these Junior Highers! Here are the Top 10 Photos from the week!

Polar Dip

A staple, and long-time tradition at Camp: Polar Dip! Lots of campers were found jumping in Cedar Lake first thing in the morning this week!

Camp Games

Camp games really are the best… especially when challenges are involved! These Junior Highers crushed it this week, and had tons of fun doing it!

Canoe Clinic

Clinics & Seminars are a fun and unique thing we do for our older youth camps; canoeing is definitely a fun one!

Hammock Buddies

What better way to bond with your cabin mates than by hammocking together?!

Volleyball Dance

These Junior Highers couldn’t help but dance when “Church Clap” started playing! 

BIG Cheers!

We LOVE the Volleyball Tournament here at Camp! The walk to the North 40 is always filled with cheesy smiles, fun giggles, and BIG cheers!

1, 2, 3, POSE!

It is so much fun when cabins come find me during the Volleyball Tournament to pose for a picture!

Swimming Buddies

Camp’s new water mat makes The Funnest Fun so easy! And enjoying it with your buddies is that much better!

TAG Time

One specific thing Camp is known for is TAG Time; intentional time spent in the Word with Jesus every day. It was such a blessing to be a witness to these Junior Highers seeking after the Lord in deep and rich ways this week. 

Memories Made

In an instant, a moment becomes a memory. Camp memories are preserved through the lens of the camera, held together in a photograph. How special it is to capture moments like these!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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