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Super Kids 4, Day 2

How are we already on Day 2 of Super Kids 4 already?! These campers have truly filled Camp with such radiant joy and laughter, and we are looking forward to each and every special moment we have with them here! 

Our beautiful Monday morning began down at the waterfront for Polar Dip. Campers were excited to start their day by making a splash in Cedar Lake first thing in the morning! After Polar Dip, we all met at the Ampitheatre for Flag Raising, Morning Movement, and practicing our Memory Verse (John 1:1). Then, it was time to eat breakfast, so we all made our way down to the Dining Hall. After everyone was done eating, it was time for Morning Chapel! So, we sang a few action songs, danced our hearts out, and then welcomed our speaker, Tracey, to the stage!

After Morning Chapel, we transitioned into Skillz time! This is a fun staple of Super Kids weeks here at Camp; campers get to pick an activity to do during this hour of the day, anything from BB guns and archery, to building sand castles! It is so much fun! Next, campers reconnect with their cabins for Cabin Adventure! During this time, campers get to hang out with cabins, and do fun things planned by their counselors. After Cabin Adventure, it is already time for lunch line-up. It is truly crazy how fast the time flies when we’re having fun at Camp! After we all eat lunch, we have a bit of down time, called Toes-up-time, before we all meet back at the Steps of Faith for a game! Today we played “Penny Pinchers,” which turns our campers into salespeople, to try and sell a repurposed item to staff members sitting at stations. These campers put on their thinking caps, and got super creative! 

After the game, it was Afternoon Free Time! Campers could be found all around Camp; on the zipline, playing laser tag, beating their friends in Carpetball, bumping a volleyball around, or swimming down at the waterfront! No matter what you choose, there is always something fun to do here at Camp! Once the bell rang ending Free Time, it was time to lower the Flag, and then eat dinner. Then, we all made our way to the Main Hall for Evening Chapel. We sang some action songs, of course, and then listened to a good message from our speaker, Tracey. In Chapel, Tracey spoke on our Memory Verse, John 1:1, and reminded campers that Jesus is the Word, and He came to communicate with us, to help us, and to be with us. 


Talk to your camper about their second day of Camp. What did they choose to do during Free Time? What did they take away from Chapel?  

After Chapel, we had some Evening Canteen Time, and then we played a night game : “Free The Hostage”! These Super Kids loved it, and they sure weren’t ready to end such a fun day! It is truly a good thing they’re here at Camp for another day filled with The Funnest Fun! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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