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Adventurers, Day 3

It is the last day of Adventurers here at Camp! It has been such a joy to have these wonderful campers here, and we have truly had a blast with them! From Cabin Adventures to Camp-wide relay games, our time here at Camp has been nothing short of The Funnest Fun. Adventurers may be our youngest campers, but they bring an energy like no other age group. 

Our Tuesday morning began at 7:40am this morning when campers could be seen making their way down to the waterfront for Polar Dip! Did your camper jump in Cedar Lake both mornings? After Polar Dip it was time to head over to the Steps of Faith for Flag Raising and breakfast! Then, another Cabin Adventure. Cabins were doing all kinds of fun things together – anything from making sand castles in the sand volleyball court, to playing Octoball. How fun! Next was Chapel, where we heard from Bobber Bill! This morning he talked about the Bible – our instruction manual that tells us how to live. He taught campers that there are 66 books in the Bible, 2 sections, NO errors, and ONE message – which is God’s rescue plan to save us! He then encouraged campers to read their Bible everyday – Same TIME. Same PLACE. Same PRAYER. This is the prayer – “Lord, teach me more about You, and show me what to do.” 

After Chapel, it was time for another game! For this game we all made our way down to the lower field, where each cabin sat together at a cone before we played some mini relay games. It was hot outside in the sun, but so fun. Thank goodness water was involved too!

Camp loves Adventurers, and Adventurers LOVE Camp! Here are the Top 10 photos from the week!

Finding Your Cabin

Getting to Camp and settling into your cabin calls for BIG smiles!

Smiles for Canteen

Quick! Grab a treat from the canteen and smile!

Fishing Fun

There was LOTS of campers down at the docks fishing this week. Adventurers love to fish!

Cabin Buddies!

Cabin buddies are the BEST! Laughing with them is always a bonus!

Cheer for your Cabin

How loud can you cheer for your cabin? These Adventurers sure used their voices well for cheering this week!

Polar Dip

Polar Dip is a staple of Camp and a long-time tradition! Having Bobber Bill join us for Polar Dip this week was so fun!

Yay for Swimming!

How fun is it to go swimming in Cedar Lake with your counselor?!

Campfire Trek

Smile and wave for the camera! We’re on our way to the Campfire!

"Gorilla Gets the Man"

Full-body “rock-paper-scissors”?! So fun!

"Hold up your Bible!"

We love God’s Word! Just like we learned this week, The Word is with God, and the Word is God! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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