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Adventurers, Day 2

Adventurers are here at Camp, and it is both their first and last full day at Camp! Adventurers are Camp’s youngest youth campers, but they sure do love Camp! They have not hesitated to join in on The Funnest Fun that we have planned for them, and they have brought their pure sense of joy and laughter with them. We have had such a fun day today, and we are so excited to continue having The Funnest Fun with them before we send them back home!

This beautiful Monday morning began down at the waterfront with the Polar Dip. These  adventurers may be small, but they sure are mighty! We had a grand total of 88 campers make their way down to the waterfront this morning to start their day by jumping into Cedar Lake! After the Polar Dip, it was Flag Raising and breakfast. Then a GAME! This game is called “Staff Hunt,” where all summer staff members hid around Camp, and it was the campers’ goal to find the staff so that they could push them into the lake! 

After “Staff Hunt,” it was Cabin Adventure, and then we all gathered at the Steps of Faith for lunch line-up, before making our way down to the dining hall to get food. After lunch it was time for Mail Call and Toes-Up-Time. After getting a much-needed break, it was time for a camper favorite – the Carnival! Campers got to run around the Hub of Camp going around to all the stations run by our staff, collecting tickets. They could either spend their tickets on fun things like face-painting and the dunk tank, or they could keep them to count for cabin points! Next it was afternoon Free Time. Campers could be found down at the waterfront with their counselors enjoying the beautiful Cedar Lake, or in the craft room making all kinds of fun things that they can bring home with them! 

God doesn't want us to die in our sin; God wants us to be with Him forever!

Ending our afternoon Free Time was the bell that rang for dinner. We all made our way to the Ampitheatre for Flag Lowering and dinner. Then, we had the perfect amount of time for another Cabin Adventure before heading into the Main Hall for Chapel. Tonight during Chapel, Bobber Bill told our campers a story! Can your camper tell you what it was about?


We had a fun and eventful day today with these Adventurers! Ask your camper what their favorite thing they did today was. Can they tell you something they learned during their time at Camp?

Campers and staff alike are filled with energy and joy for The Funnest Fun we’re having at Camp with these Adventurers! We are so excited for the next day we have with these campers, and are looking forward to how the Lord will reveal Himself through our youngest campers!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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