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Junior High 3, Day 1

Junior High 3 has officially started!! Campers have settled in and jumped right into having The Funnest Fun here at Camp! We can already tell that this week is going to be FANTASTIC with these energetic, fun-loving Junior Highers! Once cars start making their way down the driveway, the fun starts here at Camp! 

Campers begin finding their cabins, meeting their counselors, and heading down to the waterfront to take their swim tests. After gaining a yellow wristband – their ticket to deep water fun and the raft during their week at Camp – campers could be found hanging around the Hub, getting to know their fellow cabin mates, and playing games like Carpetball, Octoball, and Sand Volleyball. 

Once the bell rang, we all met at the Ampitheatre for Who’s Who, where all the non-counseling staff introduced themselves to campers. Then, it was time for our picnic dinner! Once getting through the line, cabins got find a spot around the Hub of Camp and eat together – how fun! After getting their fill of food, each counselor took their cabin on a tour of Camp. This is especially helpful for campers who are new to Camp to find their way around. After cabin tours, it was time for our very first Chapel of the week! After Seth, our worship leader, led us in some action and worship songs, we welcomed Izzy, our Ministry Associate, to the stage to go over the Rules and Guidelines for the Funnest Fun! Although it’s maybe not the most fun thing we do during our Camp week, it is of upmost importance as these rules keep both the campers and our staff safe and protected while they’re here at Camp. After rules, we got to meet our speaker for the week, Grant Willet! Grant welcomed these Junior Highers to Camp, and invited them to walk alongside him as we learn more about Jesus this week! 

After Chapel, we transitioned into Canteen Time for the girls! We split Canteen Time into two sections – girls and boys, so that the campers don’t have to wait so long in huge lines, and our staff working the Canteen aren’t incredibly overwhelmed. It serves us well to do it this way! Then, the bell rang signifying that it was the boys’ turn to get in line for yummy treats at the Canteen. After all campers had gotten the opportunity to get something from the Canteen, it was time for a game! For the game of the night, “Free the Hostage,” Camp is divided into two teams – Light and Dark. The goal, like the game’s title, is to free the other team’s hostages, without getting caught and brought to jail. Basically, it’s a twist on “Capture the Flag,” but it was a hit with the campers!


Talk to your camper about the first night of Camp. What was their favorite thing they did the first night? What are they hoping to learn from Grant in Chapels this week? 

evAfter the game, it was time to end the first day at Camp with cabin devos, and 3 T’s (before you Tuck in, brush your Teeth, and use the Toilet!). 

This beautiful Monday morning began down at the waterfront with Polar Dip. Even these Junior Highers like to start off their day with a splash in the lovely Cedar Lake! After Polar Dip, it was time for Flag Raising. Russia cabin volunteered to Raise the Flag for us this morning, and they did a great job! Then, it was time for breakfast, and the all-Camp picture! We then transitioned into Missionary Monday Morning Chapel, where we heard from our lovely missionaries this week, Tom and Barb Ward! They brought a beautiful message to us this morning, and reminded us that everyone needs Jesus!! Then, it was Cabin Adventure, Morning Free Time, then finally lunch-line up, and mail call after that! 

We’ll pick up here tomorrow with an update on how the first full day at Camp was for these Junior Highers, but in the meantime, check out the Smugmug gallery of all the photos taken so far for Junior High 3!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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