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Top Ten Photos from Super Kids 4

What an amazing week!! This group of campers was a great way to close out this summer. Their joy was always evident, and they brought so much fun into every activity. We are so blessed by the ways God worked through them, and we can’t wait to see them again next year!

Here are our top ten photos from Super Kids 4!


The goal was to keep the counselors dry, but sometimes campers get a little wet in the process.

Rockit Recreation

These boys had so much fun playing on the rockit!

Raising the Flag

Cabins volunteered to raise the flag each morning. Raising and lowering the flag is how Camp shows respect and thankfulness for living in a country that allows us to have a ministry like this.

The Funnest Fun

We always have tons of fun at camp! Whether playing games, or hanging out in the hub, there’s always room for excitement and laughter.

Octoball Champions

Octoball is one of the favorite games in the hub. There were lots of fun games this week!

Polar Dip

The polar dip was chilly, but there were more campers that did it this week than any other week this summer!

Cabin Adventures

Throughout the week, cabins have so much fun together and grow close. They create friendships that can last for a lifetime!

Loving Staff

Our staff loves being with campers, and the campers love our staff. There were so many sweet moments this week!

Counselor Laughs

We love that our counselors are up for anything! They help bring so much joy to the campers.

Loving Relationships

Camp helps build so many important mentorships and friendships that can last forever. 

Thank you God for a really great summer!!!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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