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Junior High 1, Day 3

Welcome back to our summer blog!

We had a fantastic day yesterday. After the really hot day Monday, yesterday’s temperature of 80° seemed glorious. During free time, campers were able to play laser tag, swim, do tie-dye, and hangout with new and old friends! 

Our next big event of the night was the volley ball tournament! Counselors grabbed face paint from the craft room to create some team spirit, and the campers hyped each other up. This is the event that Junior High campers always look forward to with anticipation! There was lots of cheering, and excitement. Some campers even chose a buddy cabin to cheer for when they weren’t playing.

After a fun-filled tournament, everyone gathered under the tent for evening chapel. Tonights topic was why relationships matter. As John asked the question “why does Jesus matter to you,” cabins gathered around each other and shared why Jesus meant so much to them. 

Without the resurrection, the power of the cross is lost!

Our theme for this year is the Risen Lord. As John was speaking, he said “If he (Jesus) hadn’t risen from the dead, none of this matters!” He went on to talk about how Jesus, the creator of the universe, desires a relationship with each and everyone of us. As the sun set over the lake, the lights in the tent gave off a warm glow. John asked those who wanted to believe if they would raise a hand in declaration of their newly found faith. As hands went up around the room, you could see joy radiating from their faces. Thank you God for your goodness to these Junior Highers!


Talk to your camper about the question “Do you believe this?” Ask them about it and what John taught us regarding the significance of this question. As they tell you about their week, ask them why Jesus matters to them after all they have learned.

This morning has been fun filled already! We started off with the polar dip, as always, and then learned the rest of our memory verse. After that we headed to breakfast, and then TAG time. Next up is men and women’s chapel!

We look forward to what today holds with expectation. We can’t wait to share our stories with you tomorrow!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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