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Super Kids 3, Day 2

Day two has arrived and these campers are still full of energy! Picking up where we left of yesterday, we played a game called Penny Pinchers. In this game, cabins received a random item and had to create a sales pitch about the item to sell it to our staff members stationed around camp. If their pitch was good enough, the staff would “purchase” the item and give the cabin tickets that count as cabin points! 

Following the game, we had Free Time where campers really enjoyed swimming and laser tag! There were squeals of joy as they jumped off our new water trampoline, and shouts of excitement as they raced to tag their opponents. 

After Free Time, cabins headed to the steps for dinner line up and then chapel. In chapel our speaker, Tracey Peterson,  taught us how to find verses in the Bible. We started off by looking for our memory verse of the week, John 1:1, then we kept reading to John 1:17 and 20! She explained how the Bible is split into two parts, the Old and New Testaments, and how each one works to tell the story of Jesus. She reminded the campers that “Jesus is the Living Word who came to the world to show us who God is and His amazing love for us!” She also encouraged us with the fact that we don’t have to live this life alone. He has given us the Holy Spirit as a helper. He is there to encourage us and lead us on the right path.


Talk to your camper about evening chapel.  Can they show you how they learned to find verses in the Bible? Do they remember why Jesus came to earth? Do they remember how the Holy Spirit helps us?

As the last big hurrah for yesterday, we had the staff variety show!! Everyone piled in the main hall for an hour of giggles and smiles as we watched our counselors goof of on stage. Whether it was singing, dancing, spitting water, or chewing gum, each skit received an enthusiastic roar of applause and laughter.

This morning started out as usual with Polar Dip and Morning Movement at the Amphitheater. Canada cabin volunteered to raise the flag for us, and then we headed down to breakfast!

Next, we all went back to the chapel to hear from our special guest, Skeeter the puppet! He visits us every Super Kids week and helps us to learn about the power God and the power of our words. He learned about the story of Balaam’s donkey and how God used His power to let the donkey talk! God can speak to us in so many ways and the campers were amazed to see how God has spoken to others in the Bible. 

Jesus is the Living Word who came to the world to show us who God is and His amazing love for us!

After chapel was Skillz time! Today has some of the same skills as yesterday, but the also added some new ones like boating at the waterfront and games of tag on the lower field!

Skillz went right into Cabin Adventure where each cabin got to do an activity together. Some played whiffle ball, some made crafts, and others got to hear a silly story from one of our goofiest counselors!

Tonight is full of even more fun, and I can’t wait to update you on the most awaited Super Kids event… The Carnival!!

God’s grace is so evident in this group of kiddos and I am so excited to see how He continues to work through them this week! Tune in tomorrow to hear more about the Carnival, our chapel sessions, and The Funnest Fun that your campers are having!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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