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Super Kids 3, Day 3

Welcome back to the blog! We left off yesterday anticipating one of the biggest Super Kids events; the Carnival! But before we got to that, we had to play a game, have some free time and eat a delicious dinner. 

For our afternoon game, we played Land and Sea-Lay! We had two big groups on the lower field, and we enjoyed a bunch of small relays as cabins. First it was the typical relay with a pool noodle as our baton, then played ‘add one, drop one’, then we did a rubber duck relay round! It was so fun to see everyone running around, getting splashed with water, and having such a good time. 

Next was Free Time! Even after our crazy relay game, campers were bursting with energy and enjoyed every second of their Free Time. Yesterday, we had all the usual activities. Swimming, Craft Room, Canteen, Laser Tag, Trading Post and the Zip Line! 

After that, it was time to lower the flag and head down to dinner! Campers were so excited when they heard we were going to have tacos in a bag and churros (That’s definitely one of the best Camp dinners in my opinion)! They inhaled their food as fast as they could, and then scrambled to get ready for the carnival!

As Brook released them from the Amphitheater, shouts of excitement mixed with the pounding of little feet filled the air. While the popcorn was popping on the Chalet porch, campers raced towards stations and games where they could earn tickets to count for cabin points or maybe even dunk a counselor! 

There were potato sack races, trivia games, bowling, ring tosses, and many other fun activities where our program staff would reward campers with tickets for completing a challenge or game. But, the highlight for everyone was most definitely the dunk tank! Counselors and program staff alike were chased down to be put in the dunk tank and campers would rush to push the button, dumping them into freezing cold hose water. Once they had gotten their laugh, they would spring quickly away to avoid getting a big soaking wet hug from the staff member they dunked.

Following all the excitement and laughter from the Carnival, it was time for evening chapel. We all filed into the Main Hall and started off with a classic game of Gorilla Gets the Man! It is basically life sized Rock, Paper, Scissors where everyone gets to participate. Our worship leader sings the theme and everyone plays and sings along. It was such a blast! 

Then, our speaker came up and shared some more about John 1. She really emphasized that because Jesus is the creator of all things, he is also the controller of all things. He was there at the beginning of time, and was present in the creation of the world. All things were created through Him which means that he has the ability to control them. That should give us comfort knowing that God is sovereign over our world and all that happens in it. In the good and the bad, He is there and works through all things to bring about His purpose and provision.


Talk to your camper about Tuesday evening chapel.  What do they remember about that session? How do they feel knowing that Jesus is in control of all things all the time? Why should that give us comfort?

Since He (Jesus) has the power to create all things, He has the power to control all things.

This morning, started off with the Polar Dip! Campers lined up, ready to jump in the lake and start their day off with a splash. As the lined dwindled down, it was time to head to the Amphitheater for Morning Movement!

After singing our song and practicing our memory verse we headed down to breakfast and then to cabin cleanup. For some added creativity today, some of the boy cabins schemed to see who could get the worst score possible! It was a tight competition, but ultimately Israel cabin came out the winner… Or looser I guess! (Don’t worry, they cleaned it up again later.)

Next, it was time for Morning Chapel. Today, Bobber Bill was our speaker and he taught us about how the Bible is put together. He shared about the different sections of the Bible and how they work together to show one big story of God’s character and love towards us. He reminded us that God is ALL powerful, ALL knowing, ALL present, and ALL good!

The rest of the morning has gone pretty much as normal. Skillz, followed by cabin adventure, followed by lunch! 

Currently it is Toes Up Time and campers are getting a small break to rest before Free Time! Tonight our big event will be heading to the Campfire at Bass Point to remind the campers of how God has moved this week and of His amazing love, power, and grace for them. Pray that these camper’s hearts will be touched and that God will really make Himself known to them tonight. 

This has been such a special week with your campers. It has been such a blessing to have them here, to pour God’s love out to them, and to teach them about how loved and valued they are in His eyes. We can’t wait for them to share all their stories with you when they come home!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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