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Super Kids 2, Day 2

We are onto Day 2! What a fun group of Super Kids campers we have this week! 

Yesterday afternoon after cabin adventures, campers met at the Steps of Faith for lunch line-up. After eating lunch, they all headed back to their cabins for some rest and relaxation during “toes up time”. 

Re-energized, it was time for a game! This game was “Animal’s Got Talent”, where each cabin got to dress up their counselor as an animal and give them a special talent! 

Next up was free time! Free time is always a fan-favorite of campers! One highlight is laser tag! Once all are gathered at the open-air gazebo, campers learn about the rules and then get to begin the game! 

Once the bell rung to end free-time, it was time to lower the flag. France cabin volunteered to do the honors! After enjoying a dinner of pizza, salad, and cheesecake, it was time for the evening game (with lots of water!) Campers were split into two teams; light and dark team. On each side, there were three bandanas, or flags, hidden and the campers’ goal was to find the “flag guardian” (who was disguised along with other crazy staff members dressed up in silly costumes with cups of water!) 

I don’t think I saw a camper who wasn’t soaked by the end of the game! 

After campers got their fill of yummy treats from the canteen, it was time for chapel in the tent. 

Last night in Chapel, Maryn explained who the main character of the Bible is: God! As the main character, God has so many amazing characteristics. Maryn mentioned four of them. God is our CREATOR, our SAVIOR, the RESURRECTION and the LIFE, and our VICTOR! 

If you remember nothing else, just know: OUR GOD IS A GOD OF LIFE!


Our speaker, Maryn encouraged us to continue to search for new life all around us. Ask your camper what signs of renewal they saw today! Can they tell you the characteristics of God we talked about in Chapel?

This beautiful Tuesday morning started off with polar dip! After the thrill of jumping in the lake right away in the morning, campers meet at the Steps of Faith for flag raising! The UK cabin volunteered to raise the flag this morning. 

After breakfast, it’s time for chapel, skillz, and cabin adventures! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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