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Junior High 3, Day 3

We are onto Day 3! Is it possible that the fun we’ve had so far just keeps getting better?!

After lunch yesterday, it was time for mail call, followed by clinics and seminars! Then, free time! As I walked around camp listening to the laughter and watching campers play games in the Hub, I was reminded of all the reasons we have to rejoice and be thankful. God has blessed us in countless ways and therefore, there is reason for joy. Having these Junior Highers here at Camp this week is a great reason for joy!

Yesterday’s free time highlight was zipline and lasertag! Throughout the week, campers that sign up for these activities get to participate in them with their cabin on a designated day and time. What a great way for campers to bond and have some fun!

After free time, we all met back at the Steps of Faith for flag raising, and went down to the dining hall for dinner!

Then it was time for the volleyball tournament!! Cabins get pumped for this by color coordinating their shirts, and getting face paint! They usually go all out – it is so fun! The volleyball tournament is double elimination, so every cabin gets to play two games, and there’s 9-square, frisbees, and footballs to keep campers entertained when they’re not playing! Tons of fun, laughter, and cheering can be found during the volleyball tournament! It is definitely a camper favorite!

After the tournament, it was time for Chapel! Last night, Nate spoke on how the Risen Lord deserves risen living. Jesus is more than worthy and deserving of our lives being lived in a way that is honoring to Him. To apply this to our lives, Nate asked us to think about what sin or situation is keeping us stuck in the mud, preventing us from fully following Jesus, and encouraged us to surrender it to Him. 


Talk to your camper about Chapel last night. What do they believe Jesus is worthy of? Are they honoring God with the way they’re living? What would it look and feel like to FULLY follow Jesus?

This Wednesday morning started out again with campers who are still dedicated to doing Polar Dip! After flag raising and breakfast, the guys and girls split for morning chapel. Next, is cabin time, and some free time before we line up for lunch! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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