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Only one more day?

Time flies when you're having fun! There's just one full day left of Junior High 1, but we have so much left to do.

Time flies when you’re having fun! There’s just one full day left of Junior High 1, but we have so much left to do.

Yesterday, we started our day the same as the rest of the week – with polar dip, TAG time and breakfast, followed by clinics and seminars. The rotation of clinics and seminars meant that if campers couldn’t go to a particular seminar on Monday, they had another chance yesterday.

In morning chapel, the boys talked about sin, shame and forgiveness, and the girls talked about leadership and how anyone can be used by God. After chapel, we had lunch, took the last of the cabin pictures, and caught up with Captain Kyper and her crew on the planet . There, they rescued an inhabitant named Pop Tart from his life of obsessive distraction and offered to show him what else is out there.

It was pretty hot during free time, so a good chunk of the campers ended up on the waterfront, having a blast splashing around on the water mats, the Saturn and the raft! The craft room was popular, too, and many campers made pom-pom alien headbands. Paintball was also open again yesterday for the last time this week.

Our evening was rounded out by flag lowering, supper, and evening chapel. Last night, Kirsten shared the story of the Gospel with us, and some campers accepted Jesus as their Savior for the first time! Yay!

During the canteen time after chapel, we had the championship game for the volleyball tournament and Israel won! After a short break, we gathered together to play yesterday’s big game: Free the Hostage. (The game is basically an extended version of Capture the Flag, but instead of looking for flags, campers have to find two hidden staff members and “rescue” them.) There were berserkers (of course) and we brought out the hose yet again. So much for staying dry.

Today is our last day of camp! Please pray that we would have a fantastic, safe Thursday, that we won’t get too bug-bitten at the campfire tonight, and that God would move in the lives of our campers!

-Becky Boo


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