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Bring on the water games!

What a beautiful day! We had sunny skies and warm weather for the day of the week that the counselors just can never stay dry for (thanks to all the fun water games)!

What a beautiful day! We had sunny skies and warm weather for the day of the week that the counselors just can never stay dry for (thanks to all the fun water games)!

The first water-related event of the day was the Polar Dip right away in the morning. For those who don’t know, the Polar Dip is when campers go out to the waterfront right after the wake-up bell and jump in Cedar Lake! It’s usually pretty chilly, but they have to prove to the lifeguards that they went completely underwater to get their name checked off. At the end of the week, campers (and counselors) who went every morning get a prize!

After breakfast, our morning rolled on with cabin clean-up, the huge all-camp picture on the Steps of Faith, and the first Big Game! Today’s game was Galactic Adventure – a game where the group of campers is divided up into four quadrants on a big field and each tries to bring as many balls into their quadrant as possible without getting tagged. It was super fun!

In morning chapel, Bobber Bill talked about how to use our Bibles and how the Bible is like a letter from God to us! Afterwards, we had option time! Campers had a handful of activities to choose from – chalk drawing, fishing, and tag were just a few.

By lunch line-up, the cabin inspection results were in. All of the girl cabins did a wonderful job, but some of the boy cabins had to go back and finish cleaning up before lunch time. Oh no!

We caught up with Captain Kyper again after lunch – this time, we followed her to the planet Ah-hecknah, which was overrun by giant space spiders! The captain and her robot pal Beep Beep Boop BOP helped one of the planet’s citizens (Nova) be brave and defend her home from the spiders, then invited her to join their crew! At the end of the update, we got our mail and headed off to Toes Up time (nap time).

After Toes Up time was the game we’d all been waiting for – the Staff Hunt! All but a few staff members scattered across the Hub area and hid, but we found them all. Campers who caught staff got to push them in the lake! After that, it was free time until flag lowering.

We had two more big things last night – the carnival up on the North 40 and evening chapel! We had tons of fun earning tickets at the carnival by playing fun games, but the best part was dunking our counselors with water at the “Sad Counselor” station! In evening chapel, we learned some cool things about space while Bobber Bill told us about how God reveals Himself to us through his creation.

And that was it for our first full day of Adventurers! Only one more day left, so please pray that it’s a good (and safe) one!

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