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More than halfway!

We had a great day yesterday, especially at the carnival!
Good morning! We had a great day yesterday, especially at the carnival!

Our day started with the usual schedule – wake up bell, polar dip and flag raising. After a wonderful breakfast, we headed back to our cabins to clean for cabin inspection. The more stars we get, the more cabin points we get, so it’s really important that we impress the nurses with our cleaning skills! When the bell rang, we went back to the Steps of Faith to get dismissed for the first skills session.

In morning chapel, Kenn, the counselor of Canada, talked to us about the Bible and how to use it – how to understand references and how to find passages faster. It really helped us later that night when Frank timed  us on how fast we could find a verse he was talking about!

After chapel, we had our second skills session and lunch, then saw a new installment of the Adventures of Captain Kyper on the waterfront – this time, to the planet MALK, where a mean king rules over his subjects. Once the skit was over, we got our mail and took a nap for Toes Up.

Our big daytime game was split up between boys and girls. The boys went down to the lower field for their annual game of Custer’s Last Stand, a… confusing and extreme game of tag/dodgeball that pits counselors against campers. (Spoiler alert: the campers always win.) Meanwhile, the girls played Space Race, a team relay game where they run between stations and do team-building activities. It was super fun!

Afterwards, we went straight into free time. Swimming was, of course, SUPER popular again yesterday, but many campers also went to the craft room to make the craft of the day (an alien headband) with Craft Lady Jenelle.

Here’s another exciting thing – instead of eating dinner down in the dining hall, we made our way up to the North 40 field for a picnic! Then it was time for the carnival! There were so many fun games to play, a slip and slide, and a dunk tank so we could pay tickets to dump a bucket of water over a staff person’s head! The leftover tickets also went towards our cabin points for the week.

At evening chapel, Frank told more of the story and gave us the same invitation given to the Young Traveler – the invitation to become children of the King. It was a chance for kids to dedicate (or re-dedicate) their lives to Jesus! The counselors were so ready and excited to help the campers understand what that means.

Today is our last full day! Please pray that we can all stay hydrated and safe, and have tons of fun!

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