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So many Junior High campers!

Good morning/afternoon! Our first evening of Junior High 3 was a blast - and we still have four more days! Here's a little bit about how we started the week...
Good morning/afternoon! Our first evening of Junior High 3 was a blast – and we still have four more days! Here’s a little bit about how we started the week…

The summer’s last Junior High session started, of course, with check-in and meeting our counselors. For a few hours, we had had time to settle into our cabins, take our swim tests, and just hang out. Many campers flocked to Octoball, which suddenly seems a lot more crowded when the session is this big!

Just before dinner, we gathered as a group to create cabin cheers and meet the other counselors. Dinner was a delicious picnic of pizza, salad, and brownies! After dinner, we got a camp tour, learned the rules, and had canteen.

At evening chapel, we met our speaker for the week: Josh Keller, a youth pastor from Litchfield. He talked about how our culture is changing – and to illustrate that, we played “Name That Tune” with songs from the past 15 years. It was super fun! He also set up for what he’ll talk about the rest of the week by talking about how what’s around us impacts what we seek after.

The last part of our night was the staff Variety Show, which included skits we’ve seen in the past as well as new material! So fun. Afterwards, we headed off to devos and bed so we could be ready for another great day today.

Please pray that we would all have a fun, safe week, and that we would see God work in amazing ways in the lives of these campers!

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