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Camp Journal: Fabric, Coffee, and Junior Mints!

The first weekend of Spring Quilt was a home run! Quilters and scrapbookers alike enjoyed warm, blustery weather, silly baseball puns, and lots of laughter.  Our theme of “Play Ball” seemed to bring everyone together, whether they were hardcore baseball fans or not.  There were so many moments of sweet fellowship, deep conversation, and joyful connection between those who love to create and love their Creator!

A group of ladies showing off their beautiful quilted jackets!

One of the ways that Camp Lebanon seeks to celebrate the love of Christ is by finding ways to help kids and families come to Camp!  There are several opportunities to donate to our scholarship fund during Quilt seasons.  Two of the main attractions this year are the Bargain Barn and Turtle Bay Coffee.

Our Bargain Barn, set up in one of the cabins, is a place where quilters and scrapbookers can bring unneeded crafting items like fabric, yarn, and stamps to donate.  Then, they can shop for items them actually need.  All of the proceeds from the sales go directly to Camp’s Scholarship fund!  It is so much fun to see the creations that can come out of the Bargain Barn – entire quilts made from scraps of fabric that others did not need any longer!

Another fan favorite at Camp Lebanon is Turtle Bay Coffee.  Like baseball, coffee (or hot cocoa) can really bring people together!  Camp loves to offer special coffee drinks during Quilt season.  Some members of our staff enjoy getting behind the espresso machine again and using their barista skills to make lattes, mochas and hot chocolates for hardworking quilters and scrapbookers!

In 2016, Camp Lebanon was able to help kids and families with over $54,000 in financial assistance!  It would not be possible without the generosity of those who love Camp and long to see children and their families experience a meeting place with God!  It was a blessing to see how joyfully the quilters and scrapbookers gave to support our Scholarship Fund!

TBCC (2)

Pro Tip: It was discovered this past weekend that adding a handful of Junior Mints to the bottom of your latte can make for a delicious beverage!  One of our guests this weekend made the request, and not long after making the drink for her, three of the staff were making Junior Mint lattes of their own!  Make sure to melt the candies in your hot espresso by stirring well, before you add the steamed milk.  Enjoy!


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