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Camp Journal: Our Volunteers Rock!


Much like spring cleaning in the home every year, Camp Lebanon has its own short time in the spring for “cleaning” up the grounds and getting ready for campers to arrive.  We host guest groups almost every weekend in April and May, and, soon, family weekend retreats like Dads N’ Lads and Mother-Daughter.  We can’t wait to welcome all of those guests to Camp, but first, we want to prepare for them!

One of the ways we prepare for the rest of spring and for the busy summer months is by inviting people who love Camp Lebanon to come and volunteer on one of our many Work Days.  Many who have been blessed by their time at Camp Lebanon want to be a part of bringing others in to experience the same joy.  Volunteering is just one way that people can contribute to the work we do at Camp Lebanon, and we welcome the help with gratitude.  It is so fun to see the smiling faces as people get their hands dirty and help us with projects around the grounds – making Camp a little bit their own in a very big way!

This week, we welcomed a team of men from Teen Challenge, who helped us bring outdoor furniture, boats, and the boat rack back to the main site from where they are stored by the Maintenance Shop.  A couple of guys got in their waders and braved the cold waters of Cedar Lake to get the boats back in place, ready and waiting for all of the campers coming our way in June.  In a few short days, we will have more help from volunteers at a nearby church to put the docks back into the lake as well.  Soon our waterfront will start to look familiar and busy again.

While volunteers have been helping us to prepare Camp for summer months, it has been exciting to see new projects happening as well!  We saw a new landscaping change at the top of the road, in front of the Cedar Bay Lodge.  A beautiful rock wall was put in by local landscapers.  We can’t wait to see all of the plants that will fill this hill.  What a great thing to see as you drive in to Camp!  We are so grateful for the hard work that has gone into this project.


Anyone can volunteer at Camp Lebanon – we love to hear from people who have special skills they would like to offer us, or people just willing to donate energy and time to making Camp beautiful.  If you are ever interested in spending a day up at Camp volunteering on a Work Day, or during an event, please check out our website or give Camp a call.  We would love to connect you to the right project or event that would benefit from your helping hands!  You can follow the Serve tab on our website to find out more ways that you can give to Camp Lebanon.  Every contribution helps us to continue in our primary mission – to show people that they are loved and desired by the Creator.

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