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Fishing Grandparents

One of the best things about Camp Lebanon is that people can continue to come back again and again to be a part of the ministry.  Young and old enjoy camp as campers, or as volunteers helping others meet with God and experience the wonder of His creation!

During the summer, our volunteers and staff are vital to the work of Camp Lebanon.  Whether you are a full-time summer staff member, a volunteer in our D3 Program, or a volunteer nurse or fishing grandparent, there is a place for you to come and love on campers every summer (and beyond!).  One of the areas where we need help during Adventurers and Super Kids weeks is out at the fishing docks!  So many kids at that age LOVE to fish.  Either that or are really excited to experience it for the first time.  They need to be taught how to bait a hook, how to practice patience, and then how to take a fish off of their line!  Fishing “grandparents” are such a blessing to us here at Camp, serving as extra hands and experience down on the fishing docks and freeing up counselors and cabin friends to spend time with their campers.

Fishing is just one of the skills that we love to bring into campers’ lives – there’s nothing quite like the reward of waiting and waiting for a bite, and then catching your first sunny off of the dock!  Most of the time campers fish with drop lines by the dock using kitchen scraps as bait.  Sometimes, fishing grandparents take them out on a pontoon to get a little experience with deep water fishing.  It is so fun to see the looks of joy on the faces of campers trying to tame a floppy fish or to catch a glimpse of the Northern that lives under the dock!

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering as a “Fishing Grandparent” up at Camp Lebanon, please contact Rich Olson, our Director of Youth Ministries.  You can email him at or give the Camp office a call and let us know your interest ( 800.816.1502 )!  More info about volunteering at Camp is available online.

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