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Welcome Junior High 2!

A blog post for the opening day of Junior High 2 at Camp Lebanon

Junior High 2 is off to a great start! This group is loud, energetic, and very ready to have as much fun as they can fit into the week. After check-in this afternoon and many successful swimming tests, we had a picnic dinner together as cabins and were able to learn more about each other and share what excites us about this week (many campers are excited to ride the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline)!!!


We had our opening chapel this evening with our speaker Nate Temp. He introduced himself to the campers and staff with some fun facts about himself and his passions, and he gave us an outline of where he is going to go throughout the week with the remaining chapel times. We are anxious to hear more from Nate and we’re excited to hang out with him this week.


Right now, the campers are enjoying some Canteen time before the staff variety show. There is already a lot of excitement and energy this week as all of the staff have returned after Family Camp, and the campers are thrilled to join in with our excitement, so this will be a good show.

Tune in tomorrow for the first full day of Junior High 2!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Junior High 2

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