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Day Backwards Happy!

A blog post for the second full day of Senior High Week at Camp Lebanon

Happy Backwards Day from Camp Lebanon! The second full day of Senior High Camp was entirely backwards. We embraced the theme of the day with everything from our clothing, to the schedule, to the meals. Some of us even spent the day walking backwards and speaking backwards!

So, for dinner this morning we had salad, pot roast, roasted potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie. Then, as our morning continued in a backwards fashion, we had chapel. For chapel this morning, the men and women split up to cover different topics; the women talked about Shalom and the men talked about Responsibility and Integrity. Chapel was followed  by a time of great discussion and asking important questions.


After that, we had our evening free time in the morning, followed by Team Time to work on our videos. Today was a great day to finalize plans and do some filming! After that, it was time for lunch. Lunch was served backwards today; we traveled backwards through the dining hall to get our food (the line started at the dish return).

In the spirit of backwards day, lunch was followed by Call Mail and Time Free. Today, Time Free featured paintball, boating, karaoke in the chapel, and tie-dye. It was a relaxing day with great weather!

BBE_0043 copyBBE_0029 copy

After Time Free, we had our breakfast. We enjoyed our meal in our pajamas, and for breakfast this evening we had waffles, ham, fruit, and Camp’s famous oatmeal. Breakfast was followed by Clinics and Seminars.

BBF_0002 copy

Tonight, we enjoyed Coffee House. The Coffee House is a Senior High tradition; we hang out, play music, drink coffee, and enjoy good conversations and fellowship with each other. This year we held the Coffee House in our new Eagle’s Nest building and enjoyed yard games on the North 40 field.

BBF_0020 copy

An unexpected rain shower acted as our backwards Polar Dip tonight as campers made their way back to the Chalet. Chapel with our speaker Nate Miller is marking the end of our backwards day, and we are excited to hear what truths he has to share with us tonight. We’re looking forward to a great morning tonight!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High

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