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A Day of Laughter, Popcorn, and Teamwork

A blog post for the second full day of Super Kids 3 at Camp Lebanon

The second full day of Super Kids 3 was full of exciting new ways to have fun and a ton of new reasons to laugh and rejoice. We started the day with the Polar Dip as always. This refreshing dip in the lake prepared us for the day! This morning we memorized Colossians 3:12, ate a delicious breakfast, and enjoyed our first Skills classes of the day.

Then, in morning chapel, Laura Orpen as “The Rocket” taught us about what it looks like to be a part of a team and why teamwork is valuable. After morning chapel, we had a tasty lunch of walking-tacos to refuel before our next Skills classes. Next, we had Toes-Up Time to rest before our big game!

Today, the afternoon game was the Mascot Challenge. Campers dressed their counselors up as a cabin mascot using only things that they already had in their cabins. Some cabins even came up with fun backstories for the characters they created, and everyone showed off their hilarious creations in a fashion show!

Next, it was Free Time! Today, Free Time featured swimming, boating, tie-dye, ziplining, and a round of Run & Jump. We all had a blast today! Free Time was followed by a delicious picnic dinner of hamburgers and ice cream.

BBD_0077 copyBBD_0114 copy

Once dinner was done, it was time for a cabin adventure, and then the carnival! The carnival is a highlight of the week for many campers. There were a ton of fun games to play, face paint, hair chalk, drawing, POPCORN, and a slip & slide! Also, campers were able to collect tickets from playing the games to add to their cabin points for the week.

BBE_0129 copyBBE_0186 copy

Now, the campers are enjoying some Canteen time as we get ready to go into evening chapel with our speaker Frank once again. Chapel has been a lot of fun so far this week, and Frank is able to hold our attention with incredible stories and hearty laughter. We are excited to learn more from him!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 3

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