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The Last Day Diary

A blog post for the last full day of Super Kids 4 at Camp Lebanon

Our last full day of Camp for summer 2017 started the same as any other day; with the Polar Dip! A rainy morning made the polar dip extra chilly today, so it certainly woke us up. After a delicious breakfast of French toast sticks, we had our first Skills classes for the day.

In morning chapel, Mitch Geiken taught us about the importance of prayer and how to incorporate prayer into our everyday lives in practical ways. Then, we had lunch and our last Skills classes of the summer. We have have a blast teaching and learning in Skills this year!

Next, we had some Toes-up Time before our afternoon game. Today, the game was the Mascot challenge! Campers dressed up their counselors as a cabin mascot using only the things that they had in their cabins already. There were a lot of fun characters made and a lot of laughter was had!

DDD_0010 copyDDD_0028 copy

After the game it was FREE TIME! Today during Free Time, the weather was rainy, but it didn’t stop us from having a blast. We swam, did crafts, slid in the mud, ran through puddles, rode the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, and played a fun round of Mafia. It was a great last Free Time of the summer.

DDD_0128 copyDDD_0087 copy

After a wonderful dinner of pizza, we had our final even chapel with our speaker Nate Miller. We have learned a lot from Nate this week and we are thankful for all the truths that he has brought us this week. Now, we are having our last Canteen time before our last campfire of the summer! It is still raining, so we’re going to have our campfire inside. We are still going to have a blast though!

We are sad to be done with our last full day of Camp for the summer, but we are also so thankful for how wonderful this week was. Tune in tomorrow for the final closing rally!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 4

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