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Our Awesome Summer Staff!


There’s just one way to God, and it’s Jesus! Yee-HAW!

Pharaoh, Pharaoh – Oh, BABY, let my people go FREE! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

Father Abraham had many sons…many sons had Father Abraham…

Na na nanananana Na na nanananana!

For all the 2017 Camp Lebanon Summer Staff, these songs are some of the most memorable sounds of the summer.  Through countless Na Nas and Pharaoh Pharaohs, this amazing team of young men and women strove to further the mission of Camp Lebanon by providing campers with a Meeting Place with God, week in and week out.

Our summer staff are absolutely vital to the function of Camp Lebanon during the summer (and beyond!).  We had over 40 summer-long staff who hopped on board and said “Game On!” this summer, plus so many volunteer nurses, fishing grandparents, and more who joined in on a weekly basis to serve campers.  To top it all off, we saw many teenagers joining our summer staff ranks through our D3 & Jr. Staff Program!  There are countless ways to impact campers during a summer at Camp Lebanon, whether you dedicate an entire summer or come up for a few days at a time.  We cannot say enough about the wonderful people who donated their time to support our summer-long staff and Core Staff during our busiest months of the year – Thank You!!

The 2017 Summer Staff was defined by their spirit of love and community towards one another throughout the summer.  It can be a long and sometimes tiring road to travel for three months (or more), but this team came together quickly during Staff Training and bonded in a way that shone through all summer.  Through the good and the hard times, these young people supported and cared for one another as they all worked towards a single purpose: to show God’s love to the 1700+ campers who came into their lives week after week.  Our year-round staff are so encouraged by their example of godly leadership and servanthood!

As we head into the fall and winter seasons, we are reminded of how God provides for us in mighty ways!  For many of these summer staffers, their time at Camp did not end with the last week of summer camp.  Some will be returning throughout these upcoming months to help out with weekend retreats like Father-Daughter, Men’s & Women’s Retreats, and winter camps like Mega Fun and Arctic Blast in January and February!

There are so many opportunities to delve into the ministry that is happening at Camp Lebanon year-round.  If you have a desire to plug in to what’s happening at Camp, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out the opportunities we have for you!  We love bringing more people into our staff family!

For more info on volunteering or working at Camp Lebanon, contact us: or  800.816.1502

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