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2017 Men’s Retreat – Meet the Speakers!

2017 Men's Retreat speakers at Camp Lebanon.

2017 Men’s Retreat Speakers

Men’s Retreat is just two weeks away, and that means it’s time to introduce our list of speakers for this year.  Each of our eight speakers will be delivering one Man Talk (Camp’s version of a TED Talk for men.) Each Man Talk will be 12-15 minutes in length and will address a topic associated with our retreat theme.

The theme for the 2017 Men’s Retreat is “THE TENSION.” At every turn, a man’s world is full of tension.  We’re all too acquainted with global and national tensions. But there are also tough issues at work, home, church and even in the privacy of our vehicles, garages and phone devices. Some sources of tension are external. Others are internal. Sometimes the issues are physical or emotional. Other tensions are spiritual. The reality is oftentimes the truth is found in the very same tension that is pulling, dividing, and challenging us. Our eight sessions offer only a sample of a man’s many tension topics, but hopefully the retreat chapel presentations and accompanying conversations will help men face life’s tensions head on and eyes up. The same God who tells us to “be anxious for nothing” also shows how to find a “peace that passes all understanding.”

Without further-ado, let’s meet this year’s Man Talk lineup:


SPEAKER:  Jim Hinson, Pastor at Palisade Baptist Church, Silver Bay, MN
TOPIC: Sanctification
MAN TALK TITLE:  “Saved Yet Sinning.”

Jim Hinson


SPEAKER: Peter Mades, Pastor of Kid’s Ministry at Eagle Brook Church, Spring Lake Park, MN
TOPIC: Busyness
MAN TALK TITLE: “On Purpose vs By Accident: Living with Intentionality as a Man in Today’s Fast-Paced World”

Pete Mades


SPEAKER: Joel Stegman, Men’s Coordinator at Hope Community Church, Minneapolis, MN
TOPIC: Prayer
MAN TALK TITLE: “Our Will or God’s?”

Joel Stegman

SPEAKER: Erik Hyatt, Pastor at New City of Nations Church, St. Paul, MN
MAN TALK TITLE: “Rooting out the Racism Plant”

Erik Hyatt


SPEAKER: Ken Polley, Pastor at Faithbridge Church, Park Rapids, MN
TOPIC: Conflict
MAN TALK TITLE:  “Step In or Step Out?”

Ken Polley

SPEAKER: Jeff Bauman, Sales & Marketing at Coalesse, Woodbury, MN
TITLE: “Hard Times and a Good God”

Jeff Bauman


SPEAKER: John Bogle, Life Coach at Building Disciples, Minnetonka, MN
TOPIC: Theology
TITLE: “Cheap Grace vs. Legalism: The Truth is in the Tension”

John Bogle

SPEAKER: Irv Woolf, President at Hopewell Counseling, Maple Grove, MN
TITLE: “Staying Pure in a Perverted World”

Irv Woolf

We’re looking forward to a great weekend at Men’s Retreat, coming up on September 15-17. Full details online at

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