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Storming the Castle & Learning to be a Knight!

The last full day of Junior High 1! Read the daily blog post of everything that happened. #TheFunnestFun

Sleeping in on the last day of Junior High camp is one of the best traditions – campers got to have a whole extra hour of sleep this morning!  They certainly appreciated it, after the exciting night game called Storm the Castle!

Take Camp Home:  Storm the Castle is like Capture the Flag, only more complicated.  See if your camper can teach you how the game works!  This would also be a great opportunity to do a little history

Thursday of Junior High is always a little bittersweet, since we know that we only have one more full day at Camp.  Campers went through the usual morning routine, only an hour late.  Morning chapels were split guys and girls.  The guys talked about discipleship today, focusing on how to bring home the things that they have learned this week and to share them with others.  The girls talked about finding their identity in Christ, and not in what the world says about them.

For lunch today, campers enjoyed some tasty salad, chicken sandwiches, and fries.  We love the food here at Camp!  After lunch, campers went to get their mail at Mail Call, followed up by Clinics & Seminars.

Take Camp Home:  1) Your camper got to see at least 3 Mail Call skits throughout the week of Camp – which was their favorite?  2)  Your camper also got to go to at least 4 different Clinics or Seminars – which of those was their favorite, and why?

Then came the very last afternoon Free Time, and these campers sure took advantage of a beautiful day!  The sun was blazing, but that sent a lot of campers to the beach.  We saw so many great dives off of the diving raft today, along with some hilarious Corcl Boat action!

All afternoon, campers and their counselors zipped down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, played laser tag, crafted in the Craft Room, and played games on the Hub.

After dinner, campers headed right into our last chapel session with Rocky Hovda, our speaker.  He talked about the different ways that we can be a Knight of the Lord’s table.  Using many scripture references, Rocky walked through the Bible and taught about what it means to be a knight.


Take Camp Home:  Rocky used TONS of scripture references in tonight’s chapel – ask your camper if they remember any of them!  (A few that you can read together:  Luke 21:19; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 1 Samuel 17).

The last night of Camp wouldn’t be complete without the Campfire!  But first, campers have to stock up on some sugar for the hike and play a little more 9-Square.

Can’t wait for the Campfire, in only a few minutes!  We’ll trek out to Bass Point, sing some songs, hear another message from Rocky, and trek back for our last night of Junior High 1.  Parents arrive tomorrow for our Closing Rally (at 10am)!

See you then!

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Junior High 1- Photo Album

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