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Hello, Senior High!

We are hyped to begin this action-packed week!

This afternoon, we met our Senior High campers! We are hyped to begin this action-packed week and get to know these awesome campers God has brought here.

After arriving, campers moved into their cabins and met their counselors. They had time to check in, settle in, and take their swim test.

Then, everyone was gathered into the chapel for our opening rally! Campers were introduced to the staff and learned about the camp rules.

They then had Team Time! This week, two cabins are joined into a team to work on a project and win points. Today, they spent their team time getting to know one another, choosing a team name, crafting a team shield, and creating a skit to introduce their team.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their team name was and the story behind choosing the name.

After team time, we had dinner. Each dinner throughout the week has a different theme for decoration and costumes. Tonight’s dinner theme was an airplane ride.

Following dinner, teams had some more time to work on their skits, and then everyone met at the Amphitheater to watch the skits.

Then, it was time for evening chapel! We had worship, and the campers were introduced to our speaker for the week, Kristen King! Tonight, we talked about giving thanks to God for His presence. We looked at the story of Moses parting the Red Sea (found in Exodus 14) and discussed how the Israelites cried out to God in their time of need and gave thanks to Him for watching over them.

Now campers have cabin devotionals, which they will have every night, and then it will be lights out for tonight.

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Senior High- Photo Album

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