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We started off the day with some refreshing rain and enjoyed a cooler, cloudy day outside.

We started off the day with some refreshing rain and enjoyed a cooler, cloudy day outside. While we love the sun, it’s nice to have a break between the really hot and sunny days.

Last night in chapel, our speaker, Kirsten King, presented the Gospel Message. The past few days, we covered showing Thanksgiving and Adoration in God’s presence, and last night we learned how in order to do those things, you must first Believe.

This morning, we had polar dip, flag raising, breakfast, and morning chapel. The women heard from Kirsten about sisterhood as women of God. She talked about how comparison kills companionship and that God made us all unique to compliment each other’s gifts, so we don’t have to compare ourselves with others because God has a unique plan for each of us. The men had a panel for the guys to ask some staff members any questions they have.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they liked most about men/women’s chapel.

After morning chapel, there was team time for the teams to work on their projects, and then there were clinics and seminars. Today, they had the opportunity to choose from the options they were given on Monday.

Once clinics and seminars were over, it was lunch time! After lunch, we watched the mail call video, and then it was free time.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite free time activity was!

After free time, campers gathered at the Amphitheater for flag lowering, and then they were introduced to King Richard who hosted tonight’s medieval feast! At the conclusion of the feast, King Richard rose to gave a toast, but he suddenly fell ill and passed away! Then, campers were introduced to our game “Falsia.” It was basically a live action game of clue; the objective was to be the last team standing or to solve the murder mystery by gathering money or clues from staff members.

Now, campers have some more team time to practice presenting their projects for tomorrow. After team time, campers will head up to evening chapel. Then, they will have cabin devotionals and then lights out for the night.

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