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Tournaments & Tie-Dye Tuesday!

Tuesday has been full of fishing, corcling, swimming, ziplining, and playing! 

Tuesday has been full of fishing, corcling, swimming, ziplining, and playing!  This morning, campers woke up to Polar Dip, breakfast, and TAG time (Time Alone with God), followed by morning chapel.

TAKE CAMP HOME: What did your camper learn most from their daily TAG time?  Ask them what passages they studied, where their favorite spot to sit was, and see if you can come up with a plan to help them maintain a daily TAG time while they are home!

After chapel, campers did what they seem to love best – spending time with each other out on the Hub.  We even moved the 9-square court so that we could open up a second 4-square court by the Canteen – these campers just love to hang out and enjoy the sunshine!

Fishing was popular this morning – and it was beautifully still out on the lake, so campers spent time with the Fishing Grandparents and their counselors out on the fishing docks.

After morning free time, there was a more structured time called “Cabin Time,” where counselors planned an activity for their cabin to participate in together.  Some cabins teamed up to play games like dodgeball and volleyball, while others went corcling or played a game of extreme spoons!

TAKE CAMP HOME: Find out what your camper’s favorite “cabin time” was this week – what were some of the activities they did as a cabin team together?

We enjoyed a lunch of hotdogs, mac & cheese, and salad for lunch, and headed right in to Clinics & Seminars time.  Campers got to pick from a whole new set of subjects taught by staff members.

Then, it was time for Free Time!  Including what our Craft Coordinator calls a “Tie-Dye Party!”  Campers get to dye their shirts today and then, by the end of the week, they will be able to take home a fully ready tie-dye shirt!


There’s never a dull moment during afternoon Free Time…

Tonight is the big Volleyball Tournament!  But first, we will have a cookout dinner up on the North 40 Field at the Eagle’s Nest, where the tournament will happen.  Tonight is a great night for cabin bonding.  Counselors usually try to help their team unify as a team by using face paint or similar outfits to help them build a team.  After flag raising, we’ll hike up to our tournament!  To Victory!

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