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Super Kids Scoop Noodle Challenge

We had a successful first full day with these Super Kids!

We had a successful first full day with these Super Kids! It was very hot and humid today, which made it a perfect day to enjoy the lake!

We started off our day with the Polar Dip. Campers have the option to jump in the lake each morning this week. After Polar Dip, we gathered at the Amphitheater for flag raising and learning the actions to today’s memory verse (Colossians 3:12). Then, it was time for breakfast.

It was then time to take the whole camp picture! A printed off copy of the picture will be sent home with every camper. For now, check out the goofy picture we took!


Take Camp Home: Can you spot your camper’s silly face?

Then, we went inside for morning chapel. Today, the campers learned the Parable of the Lost Sheep (found in Luke 15:3-7). After chapel, there was a short period of free time while the counselors set up Cabin Adventures! During Cabin Adventures, counselors lead their cabin in an activity, and sometimes cabins join together for their adventure.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they got to do during their Cabin Adventures this week!

Following Cabin Adventure time, we had lunch, and then it was time for “Story Time with Tori!” One of our staff members led the campers in filling out a Mad Libs story and then had a few counselors act out the story.

Then, it was Toes up Time. During this time, campers go back to their cabins for some quiet time so those who need to nap can do so. After Toes up Time, we played a game called “Camp Lebanon Auction.” In this game, each cabin fills a pillow case with as many items as they can and they get points for having certain items. To finish the game, campers take the items they gathered and use them to dress up their counselor.

After the game, campers were dismissed to free time!

When free time was over, we lowered the flag and then went to dinner.

After dinner, it was time to play “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge!” This game is new to camp this summer, and it is so much fun to play with the campers. It is a little bit like capture the flag but with more items and a few different rules. With over 200 people playing, it is a crazy game to be involved in, but the craziness is part of the fun.

Now, campers have a bit of free time before they have to head in to tonight’s chapel, which I will talk about in tomorrow’s blog. After chapel, campers will go back to their cabins for devotions and then it will be time for bed.

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Super Kids 4 – Photo Album

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